Why People Prefer Used Cars?

ad-600x300There are thousands of people all over the world own or finance vehicles for regular use on their business or family use. Since the demand increases, manufacturers require a large volume of production. This only means factory defects, mistakes, and accidents are happening every day.

Why people buy used cars?

Based on a recent study, used cars with three to five years old have experienced the highest percentage of depreciation. This gives consumers the reason to save thousands of dollars.

Another reason why consumers prefer to buy pre-owned vehicles is that these are already tested on the road. If a used car is only well-maintained, all of its defects are already revealed and already repaired unlike new cars.

Undeniably, vehicles nowadays are built to last long. With a proper maintenance, a used car can still be reliable even if it has 300 kms mileage.

Road-testing is not allowed when buying a new car and this is another reason why people like used cars. The fact that they can see, try, and feel the ride helps them in decision-making and feel confidence whether they want to buy it or not.

Though used cars offer huge savings compared to used cars, people are need to be very vigilant. It could be very risky. A serious buyer should get a Carfax report or NMVTIS vehicle history report (a cheap yet reliable alternative to Carfax) to identify vehicles that are potentially unsafe and might cost you thousands of dollars rather than saving it.

Free Carfax reports are offered on dealerships but only the basic information such as recalls or owner complaints are shown. Paid reports include brand, total loss, or salvage history and this will give a warning to the consumer that the car might be not safe.

Most importantly, a thorough inspection by a mechanic is needed to ensure safety. Vehicle history reports might not always show events that have happened in the vehicle that your mechanic can see.

To understand about National Motor Vehicle Title Information System reports (NMVTIS), visit http://www.vehiclehistory.gov/nmvtis_understandingvhr.html

Cheap Carfax alternative report: Vinaudit- Official


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